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With proven results, SPECTA can increase your productivity by +25% by streamlining the key process in tea production. This includes real-time inventory monitoring, real -time business performance monitoring & automation of manual data entry to produce real-time KPI’s for real time – decision making. SPECTA is also a cloud enabled Web based solution which present business performance in easy to understand dashboards on the go on your smartphone or tab.

you can STREAMLINE your process with 1) Finance & Fixed Asset 2) Accounts payable & receivable 3) Sales 4) Shipment 5) Auction purchase integrate with Tea Catalog 6) Import & local Purchase 7) Inventory Control 8) Production -Blending & Packing 9) Plant Maintenance 10) Quality Control

What we offer,

Our customizable system is the best possible solution for any tea factory wishing to automate or renew its current system. It’s highly innovative and covers every area of a tea factory and tea manufacturer from green leaf purchased to sales.

  • Auction / DO Collection / Blend Sheet
  • Import Purchase Management Purchase, Logistics, Costing, Container Tracking
  • Local Purchase Management Purchase, GRN/Costing
  • Sales Management Pricing, Promotional Schemes, Wholesale, POS
  • (retail),Provisional Sale
  • Inventory Management GRN, Stock Transfers, Transfer Inwards, Stock
  • Issues/Receipts (manual), Stock Reconciliation
  • Finance Management General Ledger, Budgeting, Sub-ledgers, Cash & ? Bank, Financial Statements
  • Reports Dashboards, MIS Reports
  • Improved Visibility
  • Increased Efficiency
  • On-time Delivery
  • Enhanced Product Quality
  • Reduced Cost
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Streamline Processes

Domestic and international freight forwarding involves coordinating with various cargo carriers and warehouses. It is about minimizing costs and finding the best possible routes. Their tasks and responsibilities go beyond mere documentation and freight management.

Why Specta solution

Let SPECTA handle all this Bulk amount of goods maintenance, ware housing and distribution system analysis and other value added logistics services etc…

What we offer,

Deliver, Integrated, accurate and timely information across borders

  • Export and Import Shipment processing
  • International Trade Documentation – Air Way Bill (AWB), Bill of Lading (BL), Cargo Manifest etc.
  • Fully-integrated Automated Manifest System
  • Freight Rating System
  • Shipment-level Profit & Loss Management – automated Agent profit-share determination
  • Online Cargo-tracking
  • Integration of office locations, with online communication facility
  • Shipment pre-alerts by email
  • Monitoring of container movement
  • Customer self-service – track own shipments easily
  • Enhanced customer / profitability analysis—a highly efficient Job Costing algorithm provides accurate costing information
  • Automatic creation of jobs and on-time manifestation
  • Better control over invoice creation and job cycle/li>
  • Improved irregularity monitoring
  • Proactive system alerts for efficient operation
  • Easy navigation using the ‘Inbox’ concept – the whole process can be viewed from a single screen
  • Smart Client allows operations to continue even during internet down time

Trading organization operates differently Trading Organization operates differently to Manufacturing or Services industry; they follow the concept of Stocking the goods in the warehouse and selling it to the customers across the regions as the demand/sale arise. Therefore, arises a need of a powerful planning on stocks and inventory. That will determine the profitability, and customer satisfaction. A Trading organization may be maintaining in multiple locations, therefore it needs to be updated on a real time basis for better decision making.

What We Offer,

Specta ERP is integrated business automation software specially designed for FMCG wholesale and distribution business. This product, from SPECTA can meet the present and future needs of medium and large organizations, with several operating locations.

Specta ERP takes care of end-to-end business processes followed by FMCG wholesale & distribution firms. It is built on technologies that make it easy to change and enhance the functionality of the software continuously.

  • Import Purchase Management Purchase, Logistics, Costing, Container Tracking
  • Local Purchase Management Purchase, GRN/Costing
  • Sales Management Pricing, Promotional Schemes, Wholesale, POS
  • (retail),Provisional Sale
  • Inventory Management GRN, Stock Transfers, Transfer Inwards, Stock
  • Issues/Receipts (manual), Stock Reconciliation
  • Finance Management General Ledger, Budgeting, Sub-ledgers, Cash &
  • Bank, Financial Statements
  • Reports Dashboards, MIS Reports
  • Automatic data Synchronization across all branches
  • Decentralized architecture with near real time data
  • Extensive costing determination module
  • Multiple Books of Accounts
  • Ease of making process changes

SPECTA is a 360 wide solution which analyses your business processes make them efficient the way you want. Our modules are 100% flexible in taking your business’s shape. SPECTA only enables the modules that suits your business processes and eliminates other unwanted modules from the whole system, making it easy, fast and accurate.

Why Specta solution,

Specta system enables interactions of marketing, sales, quality control,  products processes, supply lines, stocks and many other areas and it can be in a single database. This will eliminate the occasional loss of and retyping errors. It integrates all departments and functions across a company in a single computer system that is able to serve all those different department’s particular needs.


  • ERP helps in streamlining your Business Process and Workflows
  • It helps you in better customer support and services
  • You gain real time data from various departments allowing quick and powerful decision making
  • Reduce paper work, duplication of entries and Manual entries.
  • Purchase module is well integrated with the Production Planning and Inventory Control Modules
    and also the supply chain process.
  • Materials planning module in resource provides a collaborative environment for performing manufacturing tasks.
  • The single data source for product and services information – such as information related to suppliers,
    vendors, customer orders and the products.
  • Increased access to valuable data delivers a clear, global view of the Industry
  • Decision making at critical levels in the development
    and/or manufacturing process.
  • Support for streamlined sourcing and procurement processes drive alignment to customer demands
  • Providing operations planning with access to critical information

This is about managing student information on a day to day basis, in a school or college. A student management system (SMS) is software that allows you to record and manage all relevant information about current and prospective students of an educational institution. There are different types of Vendors today, also offer tailored student management systems to meet the unique requirements of a school.

Why we need a Specta Solution for

When it comes to colleges there will be more pressures in recording a well done student management system in the process of begins with a student registration to student’s scholarship details when She/he leaves the college. And the main things as reports, student attendance, time table and marks scheme records etc.

What we offer

We are offering a system specially designed to manage your college. Specta allows extensive changes to not input forms and queries/reports but also to entire processes, without any programming!


• Specially designed for manage your institute

• Maintain scholarship details track of each student’s information

•Handles important process like attendance & marks semester wise

•Includes yearend process like promotion

•Helps to prepare time table

•Supports SMS features

•Backlog/Arrears are handled


•Easily identify the student history.

•Flexible report creation as needed.

•Export information to MS-Excel & MS-Word

•Can add additional modules or other locations as needed.


The constantly changing consumer behavior & needs are fueling the development of modern day retailing. Modern trade retail sector in Sri Lanka in the last ten years has been through major expansions. Today’s shopper is more conscious in their buying decisions. A typical retail management strategy for a manufacturing business might research the retail process that distributes the finished products created by the business to consumers to determine and satisfy what buyers want and require.

Why we need a Specta Solution for

When it comes to Retail management its more difficult to maintain Inventory, Accounts, Order processing and Point of sale etc… At once we won’t be able to tally our budget over the cost due to improper records as we do. We have to keep records clearly in an understandable manner to analyze final outcomes by the top management.

What we offer

We are offering you an especially well designed solution to your industry to develop sales in a top level of business. With our Specta solution you will be able to keep pace with dynamics of your company, maintain multiple brands, batches/lots. Track expiry dates, Manage multiple promotion/discount schemes and to do efficient Claims Processing.


• Specta is an integrated system

• Specta is created by experts

•Specta is user-friendly and easy to use

•Specta can help increase productivity of manpower

•Specta is a modular solution that can be implemented easily

•Specta helps you to increase profitability quickly

•Specta helps improve transaction security at all levels


•Easy Graphical User Interface (GUI) & Export information to MS-Excel & MS-Word

•Add additional modules or other locations & Flexible report creation as needed

•Technologically superior as compared to any other software in its class
Not written in any programming languages and hence easily changeable forms, attributes, formulae and even entire processes.

•Rich with most standard functions and processes and is ready for implementation

•So flexible it can be made to adapt new processes at minimal cost and time

•Fully integrated with financial accounting all the way up to balance sheet thus giving you perfect control over your organization

•Web based architecture enables you to use it on the browser
Automated emails and SMS can be sent.